Thermominds Plastic Industries is a delicately involved in the manufacturing of Disposable Plastic Bowls, Plates, Ice Cream Bowl and Industrial Products, Wedding Akshada. We are selling our products with "TPI" & "POOJA" Brand

Thermominds Plastic Industries was borned in the year 2009 with the primal motto to serve quality.The vision of Thermominds Plastic Industries is to be the leading manufacturer in high quality of Disposable Plastic Products in India, Thermominds Plastic Industries Using the Updated machinery and technology to customize, produce attractive and high quality of Products for supplies.We are a Disposable Plastic Products manufacturers with focus of thermoforming, vacuum forming of HIPS. Our products are available in different sizes to all needs of our customers.We produce Bowl, Plates in various ranging with our advance thermoforming machines using our numerous forming tools To date Thermominds Plastic Industries is proud to say we have not had one unhappy customer.


To be a leader in the development, implementation, and maintenance of innovative – specifically in this case to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable,Bowls, plates, etc. in low cost.


To become the all products like Plastic, Paper, Biodegradable,(Bowl, Plates, Tray,)making selling the quality, hygienic and safe products.


For quality only single word "NO EXCUSE" with out any complaint and if any then solve immediate.